I always wanted to drive cross-country.  Get in the car and drive.  See mountains in my rearview one day and desert the next.  Feel the weather change while crossing a state line.  See Graceland, Bourbon Street, the Washington Monument, a sunset, a sunrise. All while sitting behind a dashboard.  It’s year two.  We have driven up and down this country.  I’ve seen it all, every place I have wanted to see and more.  I’ve seen it all…

…In ruins.  Cities halted.  Streets dead ended.  Homes burned down.  Tanks parked in laundry mats, laundry left in the washer.  Kitchen sinks left running.  Alarms still set to go off ring until they die out.  Lights left on burn out over time.  Leaves collect in gutters and signs rust.  I’ve seen it all…ruined.  Lives halted.  Souls dead ended.

And me still here to see the ruins.  Sometimes I wonder why the birds still chirp.  It’s like no one told them.  I once stood in the middle of an abandoned interstate when a horse the darkest shade of brown- almost black, but not quite- galloped past me so fast I felt a breeze hit me. I saw his black eyes, for one second they met mine.  They had a crazy calm.  A freedom that you can find when you’re right on the edge of fear.  I longed to feel the things I saw in that horses eyes.  He passed me faster than wind and the breeze that followed carried the stench of the Dead.   A herd was in the distance following the stench of the living.  That’s why you can never hide from them.  They can smell your soul.  It smells like everything they want, everything they need.  It smells like Life.  It’s like no one told them.  Nothing lives here anymore.